Jeep Wrangler TJ Project – Frame Bedliner Coating

Hey is they brother in that garage? Well, now that we’ve got the internal frame coating on in the last video super cool and it’s dried up, the exterior paint should be about hard enough like it should be, as far as being able to topcoat it we’re going to be putting our bedliner on and One of the things that you’re going to need the sides – the bedliner material – is earplugs. This bedliner material is very thick and it’s catalyzed, so it hardens up real hard. So you don’t want to spread it into your bolt holes or anywhere you’re gon na have to put threaded bolts back in so you take these little cheap old ear plugs and you stick it in the holes and that will kick the bedliner from going down into The threads make it much easier to put back together, so I’m going to be putting these in the little holes a few holes that we’ve got to do like motor mounts things like that, and then we’re going to mix up some of our paint we’re gon na Start shooting some bedliner on this thing. Awesome already got the bedliner from TCP global. It was $ 109 for four of the quartz, the hardener and the spray gun. It comes with a little cheapo spray gun that you can spray with here’s the spray gun for it. There’S not a lot of overspray with this. Basically, it’s pretty thick and it just kind of sprays on so we’re going to show you that you’re gon na mix your poor, your hardener in shake it up real good and just spray it. So that’s super cool. Okay. So we got our hardener and we got our top coat black and basically you’re going to fill your hardener up to this line right here. So that’s the easiest way to do it. You pour it in and when you get to that line on the inside, then it’s pretty much ready to shoot again now. What I’ll do is I’ll put the cap on and just shake the crap out of it, so it’s ready to flow through the gun. Why don’t you make sure you mix it up really really well get that hardener next thing we’re gon na be doing? Is removing the spring starting to drop down this frame? Get that transmission out of the way got to pull one wire out and then we’re going to start disassembling and lowering this and building our table to hold the cab up. I think this frame turned out mighty. Fine, the bedliner looks super cool on the frame. It gives it kind of a powder coat finish, but it’s very very durable because it’s that catalyzed bed coating so it’s drying out, but this weekend I should be able to start moving parts over to it. So I’m super excited about that. Just got to get to work on the other one, so this frame looks absolutely stunning. It’S time for a Michelob Ultra fat man beard, I’ve got it all painted in the bedliner, also painted the skid plate in it. So we’re ready to start moving parts over from the old frame to the new frame start disassembling that one and getting it out from underneath and starting putting everything together on this now. The nice thing about this is I’ll, be able to install the gas tank. The fuel line’s everything that’s kind of hard to get to. I can go ahead and put those on brake lines. Everything on the frame can get put on and then roll it underneath. That’S super cool, I’m thrilled the way the frame came out. Looking. I’M super excited that it was no rust in it at all, and it’s gonna be a lot better as far as functionality for the Jeep. I don’t have to worry about the frame falling out from under it. You know when you’re going down the interstate, even though I’m sure my repairs would have been fine velvet hammer said I got tired of welding and grinding on Swiss cheese and that’s basically what happened, but this is gonna be awesome. I’M super excited. I’M gonna have a beer and cool off we’re done with the frank rep david from redneck garage keep turning wrenches you

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