Benefits of a Spray-On Truck Bedliner!

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For many of us, our truck is the second largest purchase we make next to buying a house. Like any significant investment, we want our truck to last well past when we pay it off. One of the best (and easiest) ways to guarantee your truck’s durability is with a spray-on bedliner. Spray-on bedliners are a very cost-effective way to preserve and shield your truck bed from damage and hold many advantages over drop-in bedliners. In this article, we will investigate the many benefits of spray-on truck bedliners, a service we provide our customers here at Glenn’s Freedom!

UV Protection

Many vehicle owners are unaware of the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) causes on our vehicles. Not only can the sun’s rays cause the vehicles to paint to corrosion and crack, however it also makes the color of the paint to fade significantly over time. While a spray-on bedliner cannot protect the entire vehicle from the sun’s harmful radiation, it will shield your truck bed.

Custom Fit

The significant advantage that spray-on bedliners have over other types of bedliners (such as drop-in bedliners) is the custom fit. With a drop-in bedliner, typical damage from hauling cargo, exposure to extreme temperatures, and constant moisture will cause a plastic bedliner to bend and warp over time. We see many pre-owned trucks that have damaged drop-in bedliners through hardly any fault of the owner! A spray-on bedliner will always be the perfect fit for your truck.

Protect Truck Bed from Corrosion

When your truck is exposed to the elements (temperature, precipitation, etc.), a process called oxidation occurs. This causes a metal truck bed to rust, and once a truck bed has rusted, it’s difficult if not impossible to repair. Also, scratches and damage to your truck’s paint will expose the metal to these elements thus increasing the likelihood of a rusted-out truck bed. A spray-on bedliner seals in your truck bed and protects against these harmful elements.

Our Bedliners are Non-Slip

If you haul anything around in your truck bed, you understand the importance of properly securing your cargo. When items slide around in your truck bed, not only will your load likely be damaged, but dents and scratches to your truck bed will likely also occur. Our quality spray-on bedliners are non-slip and will help protect both your cargo and your truck bed.

Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

One of the easiest ways and most cost-effective ways to increase the longevity of your truck, aside from regular oil changes/maintenance, is with a spray-on truck bedliner. A spray-on bedliner will keep your truck bed looking good as new for the entire time you own your vehicle. Any damage that occurs to your truck bed, whether it’s scratches, dents or rust, etc., will cause your truck to decrease in financial value over time. A spray-on bedliner protects your truck bed from these general damages and will likely make your truck more marketable when you go to sell it.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

At Glenn’s Freedom, all of our spray-on bedliners come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. This means you’ll never have to worry about replacing your bedliner for as long as your truck is on the road.

Looks Great!

We’ve listed a lot of the practical benefits of a spray-on bedliner, but one significant advantage is that they look great! A quality spray-on bedliner captures the eye and looks like it came straight from the factory!

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